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Hugh Jackman runs into Japan’s real-life Mario Kart tour and loves every second

The MariCar service has attracted plenty of attention before

maricar drivers MariCar/Facebook

Hugh Jackman’s hanging out in Tokyo this week as the press junket for Logan continues. Maybe he’s gotten tired of promoting his final Wolverine film for the past several months, but there’s no way to tell from a video he tweeted this morning that guest stars a troupe of Mario Kart cosplayers.

MariCar is a Tokyo-based service that draws clear inspiration from Nintendo’s beloved go-karting franchise. Drivers rent out karts to tour around the city, all while dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Bowser and other classic characters. It’s likely that’s what Jackman ran into while stopped in city traffic, a serendipitous occasion for the clearly excited actor.

It’s clear that Jackman’s big into Mario, but anyone who’s even bigger into Jackman is already well aware of that. In 2015, he dressed up as the plumber for Halloween and looked just as happy as he sounds in this video.

As for MariCar, it’s caught someone else’s attention recently, too: Nintendo’s. The company filed suit against the service in February, alleging that its premise infringes on the Mario Kart copyright.

There’s no movement yet on the legal front, so maybe Jackman will get another chance to check these riders out.

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