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Overwatch Anniversary event hides an adorable Easter egg

In case you needed a reminder that these guys are BFFs

Roadhog Junkrat Blizzard Entertainment

Of the entire Overwatch cast, Junkrat and Roadhog get along the best. It’s a pure and good friendship that makes them so beloved by fans, and it’s also core to who they are as characters — which is why the new Anniversary event’s little Easter egg featuring the dudes is so good.

Among the new loot in the Anniversary event are dance emotes. We’re pretty into them, and rightfully so; take a look at all of them in action:

Get Junkrat and Roadhog into the same room, though, and the dancing gets even better. This video is only 10 seconds, but it’s worth a watch ... and a rewatch ... and another rewatch:

Mid-dance, the bros from the post-apocalyptic Australian outback reach out and high-five, because of course they do. Try it out for yourself when playing Overwatch, assuming you have both Junkrat and Roadhog’s dances ... and good luck getting all the loot boxes you need for those.