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Here’s the Indie Megabooth lineup for E3 (update: public access has been canceled)

Devolver Digital leased extra space this year to host the Indie Picnic

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Update (June 2): Public access to the Devolver Indie Picnic has been scuttled because Devolver Digital was unable to secure the necessary permits. The event, traditionally held in a parking lot near the convention center in Los Angeles, will still be open for those with industry credentials.

“Our disappointment runs deep,” Devolver said in a statement sent to Polygon. “Opening up more space for the public to experience a unique and memorable celebration of games was something we very much wanted to do for fans who, like us, love video games. We are saddened that we will be unable to share that with them but look forward to working on future opportunities to do so.”

Original story: Every year at E3 in Los Angeles, Devolver Digital plants their flag across the street from the convention center, cracks a few beers and basically tailgates all week. This year, they’ve invited the ragtag band from the Indie Megabooth, and everyone going to the convention is invited to the party.

If you’re not one of the lucky 15,000 people who scored a ticket to this year’s E3, that means you’re invited, too.

Indie Megabooth was founded in 2012. It’s a showcase for independent game developers that travels around to conventions around the world, including PAX and the Game Developers Conference. Their goal is to “bring indie games to the forefront of not only conference goers’ minds, but the gaming community as a whole.” Their alums have gone on to become some of the biggest hit games in the indie scene.

On show for the public this year are five different games, with a sixth to be announced later.

“We’re really excited to expand the Indie Megabooth family this year at E3 and be able to work with such a passionate group of indie devs who deserve a spotlight,” said Kelly Wallick, “overlord” of the Indie Megabooth. “It's really rewarding for us to create these unique opportunities to help support our community of developers. All these games have been hits in our showcases and we're excited for fans and press to discover their new favorite indie game.”

A bunch of other titles will be available behind closed doors. You can expect more coverage from Polygon throughout E3


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