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Let’s play video games on a microwave oven door

I dream of things that never were, and say “Why not?”

Something like five years ago, Andrew Wilson, who was then the president of EA Sports and not yet the boss of the whole shebang, offhandedly mentioned to me playing video games on Internet-enabled kitchen appliances. I laughed it off, but since then modders and hackers have been hellbent for proving him right.

The latest is this contraption, Colin Furze's "Play-O-Wave," (via Kotaku). It's not as simple as bolting a tablet or a screen onto the door of a microwave. Furze had to integrate the usual RCA ports on the front of the sucker, and then had to insulate the door (significantly thickening it) because consumer electronics and microwave roasting don't play nice together.

Having pulled off this combination, Furze then proceeds to bake an onion slathered in peanut butter. Huh? Thank Jesus Christ this thing is not presented in Smell-o-Vision.

Why play video games on a microwave (or with a microwave?) Look, man. George Mallory already answered this question, and all questions like it, before he died climbing Mt. Everest: "Because it's there."

Well, a microwave is there, and we're gonna play some goddamn video games on it. Next up: A Juicero.

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