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Everything you didn’t know about Wolfenstein 3D, but thought you did

What was up with those crazy Nazi death cries, anyway?

Did You Know Gaming?’s speciality is collecting a ton of details you may have heard elsewhere, authoritatively sourcing them, and then dropping in a "Huh, really?" fact you weren't expecting. So it goes with DYKG's latest trip down memory lane with Wolfenstein 3D.

For me, that moment is learning that Wolfenstein's prototyping began as a game called "It's Green and Pissed," which references John Carpenter's The Thing, the only movie to make Michael McWhertor confess his mortal fear to me (or to anyone that I know).

But wait, there's more! Unsure if they could secure the rights to the original Wolfenstein copyright (remember, it was preceded by two maze-based stealth games in 1981 and 1984) iD came up with a slew of alternate names.

Some of these are, admittedly, not very serious ("How Do You Dusseldorf") but when you're spitballing titles, expect the nutty. (In a fan-voted contest to name The Atlanta Flames, the first of two NHL franchises to move from Georgia to Canada, the top two vote-getters were "The Icestronauts" and "Y'all".)

There is a ton more about the making of the game, including a dispute over the sliding secret walls that have come to distinguish Wolfenstein 3D's levels. At any rate, it's a nice Sunday afternoon tour of the familiar, much like stumbling across an action movie on a UHF station after mowing the lawn. Enjoy.

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