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PlayStation VR gets a price drop of sorts from Amazon and GameStop

One of the best deals in VR just got a little better

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PlayStation VR - Russ wearing headset Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Select retailers are offering the PlayStation VR headset with the required PlayStation 4 Camera included for free, which is equivalent to a $59.99 price drop for the platform if you didn’t own any of the hardware before today. If you already had the camera, this news is unlikely to be exciting.

We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if this bundle is official, if it will be made available at other retailers and if it will be a permanent deal moving forward, and will update this post with any comment we receive.

The $399.99 bundle can be found at Amazon as well as GameStop, with GameStop noting that the deal is online only. The Amazon listing also includes a PlayStation VR demo disc, an included item that’s not mentioned in the GameStop bundle.

The PlayStation VR platform is already one of the most popular tethered headsets on the market, and PlayStation 4 Pro owners will see a nice graphical upgrade from the standard PlayStation 4 console when playing games in VR. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, this may be your excuse to pull the trigger and mix your metaphors up real good.

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