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Horizon Zero Dawn patch will give you more options in photo mode (update)

Photographers, start your cameras

Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode update - Aloy lying on her back in field of daffodils
With the version 1.20 patch to Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll be able to pose Aloy in the game’s photo mode — including, for example, having her lie down in a field of daffodils.
Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon Zero Dawn’s next update will expand the already robust suite of features available in the game’s beloved photo mode, developer Guerrilla Games announced today.

The version 1.20 patch, which is scheduled to go live next week, will deliver unspecified improvements to the camera controls in the photo mode. It will also bring in three new image filters; options to pose Aloy, to put certain facial expressions on her and to have her look directly at the camera; and the ability to put the phrase “greetings from” on a screenshot, to make it look like a postcard from the 31st century. Plus, you photographers out there will be able to superimpose a three-by-three grid on images, to help you adhere to the rule of thirds (see below).

Guerrilla is also including other community-requested features in the 1.20 patch. You’ll now be able to filter the in-game map to enable or disable the display of certain icons. A new slider will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the camera. The patch will add extra customization options for the HUD, and let you hide Aloy’s headgear. Horizon Zero Dawn’s inventory is getting an upgrade, too, with options to categorize and sort items as well as the ability to sell an entire stack of items from Aloy’s inventory by double-tapping the square button. You can see the full list of bug fixes and new features in the patch notes.

Finally, Guerrilla said that Horizon Zero Dawn owners in North America will be able to play the game with Spanish dialogue by downloading a free voice-over pack from the PlayStation Store.

Update (May 8): The Spanish language pack is now available in the PlayStation Store.

Horizon Zero Dawn 1.20 patch - photo mode grid
The rule of thirds in action!
Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

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