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Last Day of June blends stop-motion animation with a gut-wrenching story

A time-traveling quest to save a life

Last Day of June is the next game from Murasaki Baby director Massimo Guarini. The adventure puzzle game tells the story of a couple, named Carl and June, who go through unimaginable loss. The hook is the art style, which uses computer graphics to simulate the look of traditional stop-motion animation.

The game begins when the couple goes for a date at their favorite lake, but quickly turns to tragedy when a car accident takes June’s life. Afterwards, Carl learns that he is able to travel through time using June’s paintings as a kind of portal. The game then becomes a kind of quest to recreate that fateful day in the hope of saving June’s life.

Guarini based the game on a Steven Wilson song called “Drive Home,” and Wilson himself is participating in the project. To bring the art style to life, Guarini also brought on writer and director Jess Cope, who was an animator on Frankenweenie.

Last Day of June will be available for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It’s scheduled for release this year.

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