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Nintendo Switch’s first special edition isn’t all that spectacular (update)

Monster Hunter XX nabs the console’s first unique design

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monster hunter xx Capcom

A limited-edition Nintendo Switch is hitting Japan this August alongside Monster Hunter XX. It’s the first special design for the system — although don’t expect anything too elaborate.

The Monster Hunter XX-themed Switch looks mostly like the standard gray edition of the console, with one obvious change. The console’s dock has some Monster Hunter insignia on its front in white, bordering the Nintendo Switch logo. (The set also comes with a copy of the upcoming game, naturally.)

The Monster Hunter accoutrements are a nice change of pace, but nothing can make up for the fact that this looks mostly identical to the standard Nintendo Switch. Even the Joy-Con are identical to what someone would get when picking up the basic gray edition of the console.

Nintendo Switch special edition
The Monster Hunter XX-themed Switch.

Monster Hunter is a huge deal in Japan, so it makes sense that it would get the first Switch bundle of this kind. But this redesign doesn’t necessarily bode well for the future of the console’s limited-edition bundles. Nintendo’s shown an interest in trying out funky colors for the Joy-Con controllers, but the company’s got a long history of selling its consoles in unique designs and color palettes too.

Here’s hoping that games like Super Mario Odyssey will introduce new dock colors ... or that future bundles will come with cool new Joy-Con, at the very least. Monster Hunter XX, with the Switch or without, launches on Nintendo Switch on Aug. 25; a Western release date has not been announced.

Update: Packaging for the Monster Hunter XX special edition bundle reveals it’s got some detailing on the back of the Switch tablet itself. Here’s a pic from media retailer HMV:

monster hunter switch - back
The back of the Monster Hunter-edition Switch.
Capcom via HMV

It’s a little bit niftier than the dock; we’ll give it that.

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