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Fire Emblem Heroes wedding event tosses in daily Orbs with the bouquet

Here come the brides — and the goods

Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest event celebrates the start of wedding season. The special collectible heroes included with it are one reason to be excited about the update — but what’s most significant about this event is that Fire Emblem Heroes’ most beloved giveaway relaunched alongside it.

From now until June 6, players will receive a login bonus of two Orbs — the in-game currency used to purchase new characters — per day. It’s the same daily special the game served up during its first few months on the market. As those dried up earlier in May, players revolted. They no longer had an easy, freeway to rack up in-game currency, although periodic map releases and other events did offer up Orbs to collect.

Bringing back a week of free Orbs is well-timed. There are four playable characters included with the “Bridal Blessings” event, and each one will require throwing a lot of Orbs into the game’s summoning grab bag in the hopes of getting them. These ladies — Lyn, Caeda, Cordelia and Charlotte, each one decked out in wedding dresses — will be especially rare; much like the springtime Easter event, there’s little-to-no guarantee that they’ll be available to randomly win ever again.

With a minimum five-Orb ask to have a go at the Fire Emblem Heroes’ slots, players down to their last few Orbs may still want to purchase some from the game’s store. The Bridal Blessings event also outlasts the daily bonus, ending on June 14 at midnight — so it’s time to start conserving your funds until you feel really, really good about your odds.

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