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A Nintendo Switch drops 1,000 feet and survives

Please, please, please don’t try this at home

We’ve chastised people before for not taking proper care of their Nintendo Switch consoles, but this durability test has left us speechless. The team behind the YouTube channel dropped a Switch toward the ground from 1,000 feet in the air, a mortifying stunt that had surprising results.

This drop test has kind of a long lede, so we’ll cut to the chase: Starting around the two-minute mark, the boys used a drone, a lot of tape and a strong cord to carry a Switch 1,000 feet above ground. Once the console got there, the drone dispatched the Switch back toward the concrete.

The poor thing landed right on its left Joy-Con, which was the only part of the console not left in tact by the test’s end. (That controller can never catch a break.) Seriously — the rest of the Switch survived. Its screen was undamaged, its right Joy-Con fully functional and its ability to play games unscathed.

That’s ... good to know ... we guess? But please, please, please: Don’t try this yourself. The Switch is a $300 machine, E3 is coming up soon, and no console — or anything, or anyone — should be sent hurtling out of space toward the cold, hard ground for any reason.

Correction: A Nintendo Switch costs $300, not $250. We’ve edited the post above.

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