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Nintendo Switch’s single new eShop game highlights an underused feature

The fantastically inventive TumbleSeed holds the spotlight


Updates to the Nintendo Switch eShop are light this week, with just two new things up for download. Thankfully, the only full game to launch on Switch this week is TumbleSeed, a unique roguelike platformer that makes great use of HD Rumble.

Although Nintendo refreshes the eShop every Thursday, TumbleSeed dropped this past Tuesday. Advertised as a “rolly roguelike,” the game has an adorable veneer that belies its difficulty. Players are a one-eyed seed that travels across platforms in an attempt to make it to the top of each area. Naturally, there are a ton of (super cute and colorful) pitfalls to make this game much harder than it sounds — and with every level procedurally generated, good luck trying to best any of TumbleSeed’s tricks.

What makes TumbleSeed especially unique, as we reported earlier this week, is its use of HD rumble. The game is one of the first to really make smart use of this Switch feature. With each ultra-precise movement the player makes, the Joy-Con controllers emit a suitable, satisfying sensation. It’s the most tactile version of positive feedback there is, giving you a small, lifelike response to escorting that marble-like seed successfully across a rickety platform.

TumbleSeed isn’t a Switch-exclusive, but the game-changing rumble feature is. The game costs $14.99 on the eShop.

Also available today is a demo for 8-bit action game Blaster Master Zero, a game that’s already available for purchase. In short: If TumbleSeed doesn’t seem like quite your speed — and you can decide for yourself with our video below — there’s always Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.