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Palmer Luckey cosplays as Metal Gear’s Quiet in Japan

Friday has already been amazing

Palmer Luckey (left) is shown breathing through his skin
@mimiyoooon / Twitter

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has been keeping a low profile since leaving Facebook, but the 24-year-old VR magnate has surfaced under fascinating circumstances. He’s in Japan. Cosplaying as the Metal Gear V character Quiet ... as one does.

“Been secretly cosplaying for years, nothing new,” he said via Twitter. “Even got in a ‘Best Of’ reel on a major gaming site without getting ID'd. Can't touch this.”

If one were interested in getting attention, this is absolutely one approach that’s going to pay off.

The last time we had heard from — or maybe more accurately about — Luckey was when the news broke that he used a company named after Chrono Trigger to donate $100,000 to Donald Trump’s inauguration. This wouldn’t be the first time he tried to secretly support Trump.

Luckey has been open about his aversion to wearing shoes, usually wearing sandals if he’s not barefoot. At E3 he once told me that he had requested, and received, a waiver that allowed him to break the show’s dress code-required shoes. His use of boots in this cosplay is suddenly much more impressive, like a vegan wearing leather to complete a costume.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima himself has retweeted some of the images.

So ... happy Friday?

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