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Speedrunner breaks Super Mario 64 world record in a landmark, emotional stream

For the first time ever, all the stars are collected in sub-100 minutes

Super Mario 64’s toughest speedrunning world record has been broken. Cheese05, a beloved member of the speedrunning community, managed to be the first in the world to collect all 120 stars in the game in under 100 minutes — a time that many previously thought was impossible.

Early this morning, May 5, Cheese played through the classic Nintendo 64 game live for a rapt Twitch audience. The world of Super Mario 64 speedrunning in particular is fiercely competitive, due to how much these playthroughs are based on memorization and extreme precision. This is especially true of the complete 120-star run, which may be the most difficult version of a Super Mario 64 speedrun to do. It requires that players collect every possible star in the game, and doing all of that in less than one hour, 40 minutes seemed unthinkable.

It’s gotten harder to find optimizations and tricks to cut down the runtime for Super Mario 64, making sub-100 minutes the new barrier for speedrunners. The video below gives an overview of the history of this speedrunning category.

Cheese proved otherwise. His completion time? One hour, 39 minutes, 57 seconds. He blew away the newest world record-holder, Batora324 — who tied with Cheese05’s previous record of one hour, 40 minutes, five seconds — with just an eight-second difference in between their runs. (In speedrunning, even eight seconds is huge.) It’s especially impressive, considering that Batora broke into the top spot just one day before Cheese’s record-setting run.

Batora seems to have no hard feelings, though:

The best part of this run, which you can watch above, is the end. Cheese is understandably overcome with emotion for breaking the world record, which he’s come close to many times before, only to flub it with a tiny mistake. But when his grandma even gets in on the celebration, that’s when it becomes clear: This is a speedrun that ranks high among the most memorable in the genre.

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