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Overwatch’s Play of the Game shows up in South Korean presidential campaign

Impressive highlights, in any language

Two weeks after presidential candidate Moon Jae-in took to campaigning in South Korea's special election with a StarCraft map, rival Sim San-jung is serving up a blistering ad in the style of an Overwatch Play of the Game highlight reel.

As spied Thursday by Kotaku, the ad is formidable in any language. Sim racks up kills when her line of questioning renders someone speechless. These guys do not look like they're having a good time. Not that Sim appears happy about tearing their asses up either.

Sim and Moon are two of five candidates to replace Park Geun-hye, tossed out off office at the beginning of March over a corruption scandal that involved a strange soothsayer and breathless newspaper headlines about her influence with Park. The election is on Tuesday, May 9.

Though Sim's ad gets the edge over Moon's map, Moon is considered the front-runner for the job. The latest polling has Sim, the Justice Party candidate, running between 6 and 7 percent, with Moon, the Democratic Party candidate, between 38 and 40 percent.

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