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Stranger Things vibe permeates the latest clip for It

But don’t worry, Pennywise is there, too

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The first trailer for Warner Bros. It focused on jump scares and introducing viewers to the evil clown known as Pennywise, but a new clip seems to take its cues from Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The clip, which premiered during the MTV Movie and TV Awards last night and can be seen below, doesn’t focus on the horror facing the town of Derry, Maine. Instead, it follows a few of the kids who wind up getting caught up in the terrifying madness Pennywise creates. Although there’s this monstrous threat breathing down their necks, the best part about this specific clip is just how carefree the kids seem to be. The goal isn’t to demonstrate how Pennywise tears the town apart, but rather to highlight just how close their friendship to one another is.

If it feels at all similar it may be due to the fact that we saw something similar to this a little under two years ago. Netflix’s Stranger Things, one of the most successful shows on the streaming service (according to Netflix), also follows a group of young kids trying to figure out what’s happening in their small town. There are creepy paranormal forces at play, but despite that, a large part of what makes the series great is just how strong the friendship between the kids is.

This isn’t the first time that Stranger Things has been compared to another movie, TV or game property, either. People have pointed out the show shares similar themes with The OA, E.T. and even the Mass Effect franchise. The comparisons make sense; Stranger Things is in itself an homage to genre films of the ‘70s and ‘80s and It is a movie based on an idea from that same period.

Ironically enough, Stranger Things and It may have more in common than a group of adorable kids who are trying to save their town from destruction. The cast of Netflix’s show recently told Emmy Magazine the second season would focus far more on the horror aspect of the series that wasn’t explored as much in the first season. Between It and Stranger Things, the fall is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet for horror aficionados.

It will be released on Sept. 8. Stranger Things’ second season will be available to stream on Oct. 31. The show’s first season is currently available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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