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Blade Runner 2049 trailer is beautiful, dark and full of unanswered questions

Rick Deckard has returned

Following a Q&A with director Denis Villeneuve and actor Ryan Gosling, Warner Bros. released the new trailer for Blade Runner 2049.

The sequel to Ridley Scott’s beloved 1982 neo-noir, sci-fi film, Blade Runner 2049 follows LAPD Officer K (Gosling), a new blade runner who discovers a secret that could result in the demise of the human race. Upon discovering the secret, K’s journey brings him face-to-face with Rick Deckard, a blade runner that went missing 30 years ago. Not much else is known about the movie, but Warner Bros. did release a 15-second teaser ahead of the Q&A, providing the best look yet at the aesthetic of the film.

Although there are some new shots in the above teaser, the image of Deckard that we got is the same as the one from the first teaser trailer. Warner Bros. released an “announcement teaser” for the movie back in December, which gave us the first look at Gosling’s new blade runner and the return of Deckard. One of the bigger questions surrounding Ford’s return as Deckard is whether or not he’s a replicant — a question that has been asked since the release of the first film.

In an interview with French website Allocine, Villeneuve said we may not get the answer to that question in Blade Runner 2049. What, exactly, the film is about is still up in the air, but today’s trailer will hopefully answer a few of the questions we have going into the movie.

Blade Runner 2049 will be released on Oct. 6, 2017.