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Deadly Premonition is returning ... as a board game (update)

Sure, why not

Deadly Premonition, one of last generation’s strangest games, is making a comeback. Publisher Rising Star Games announced via a brief teaser that the 2010 game is now heading to tabletops, an odd fit for the survival horror.

How Deadly Premonition: The Board Game will play remains a mystery. The teaser hints at the return of both FBI agent Francis York, the game’s protagonist, and his unseen companion Zach. Beyond that, its barren website promises “a game of innocence, incrimination and murder,” alongside a countdown timer that appears to have another day left to go, at time of writing.

Deadly Premonition is best remembered for its Twin Peaks-style, supernatural murder mystery plot, questionable combat and bizarre writing. Take this cutscene, for example — in which everyone falls in love with a “turkey, strawberry jam and cereal sandwich”:

While its cult fanbase continues to sing its praises, Deadly Premonition received mixed reviews. A sequel may not be in the cards — although lead designer Swery recently opened a new studio — but a board game shows that Rising Star Games hasn’t completely given up on this unique adventure game.

Update: Swery has released his own update on Deadly Premonition: The Board Game in the form of a 60-second clip. It’s 100 percent worth a watch, even if it’s light on details:

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