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Overwatch’s D.Va is now playable in Heroes of the Storm’s test area

She’ll be the fifth Overwatch hero to join the game

Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va from Overwatch is now playable in the public test realm for Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's ensemble crossover MOBA.

A new skin for D.Va in Overwatch is already being offered to Overwatch players who spend time in Heroes of the Storm. This is all part of The Nexus Challenge 2.0 event in Heroes of the Storm, which kicks off the game's overall 2.0 update that went live at the end of April.

Another Overwatch character, Genji, has already joined Heroes of the Storm, alongside Tracer, Zarya and Lucio on the game's roster.

The Heroes of the Storm blog has full details on how D.Va operates. She fights in Mech and Pilot mode with abilities specific to both. Her innate abilities include boosters that increase her speed for two seconds (and prevent her from being slowed) and a defensive field that lasts three seconds.

D.Va's mech can also be self-destructed, dealing medium to massive damage over a large area; as a pilot, she has a Big Shot ranged attack dealing damage to all enemies in a line.

The Heroes of the Storm blog has additional details on what else is now available in the public test realm, which is where incoming new features get a first run with the community make sure they're ship shape before going into the main game.

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