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Nintendo Switch eShop update makes it easier to buy games

No more putting your credit card info in every time

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The Nintendo Switch eShop received a small tweak this week: Customers can now save their credit card information, speeding up the purchasing process.

For the first two months of the Switch’s life, any time someone wanted to buy a new game from the eShop, they’d have to input their credit card details. This can be a cumbersome, repetitive barrier to what should be a quick and painless transaction. On the Wii U, Wii and 3DS, customers are able to store their credit card information, which made the Switch an outlier.

To make up for the inconvenience of buying digital Switch games during the past eight weeks, Nintendo will allow users to attach a credit card to their user profile from now on. There’s also an option to password-protect all eShop purchases.

Since the eShop functions as a web browser, console owners won’t have to download an update to their systems to access the new feature. It’s available right now — so while Nintendo’s big dump of new eShop games doesn’t usually arrive until Thursday, Switch users have some time to prep their profiles for any new purchases they plan to make.

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