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Studio Ghibli is opening a theme park

It’s set to open in 2020

t Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli fans will finally get to explore the world of one of the studio’s most beloved movies with a dedicated theme park set to open in early 2020, producer Toshio Suzuki announced yesterday.

The park, which will be located in Aichi's Expo Park in Nagoya, Japan, is based entirely on My Neighbor Totoro, as reported by Chunichi Web and translated by Anime News Network. The movie was written and directed by Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki in 1988 and is widely regarded as one of the most successful films to be released by the Ghibli team.

Although the theme park will be new, Expo Park already has a recreation of Satsuki and Mei's house, the main abode in My Neighbor Totoro. Both Studio Ghibli and the Expo Park administration are hoping that increasing the size of the attraction will drive tourism to the park and the exhibit. Ghibli fans can currently travel to the Ghibli Museum, which is located in an area of west Tokyo called Mitaka, but the 200-acre theme park will be the largest installation Ghibli has ever done.

Studio Ghibli will split the cost of the park with the Expo Park administration. There’s no word on whether or not Ghibli will eventually expand the park to include other beloved titles.

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