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E3's first must-have pre-order is a Star Wars dress

Thanks Janina Gavankar


The biggest winner from EA’s E3 Play press conference yesterday was Star Wars Battlefront 2 actor Janina Gavankar.

Gavankar came on stage for the last part part of the conference to talk about her upcoming game, and paid homage to the franchise with one of the best Star Wars-themed dresses I’ve ever seen. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, either.

Elhoffer Design, the designer behind the dress, announced last night that the dress was available for pre-order through its website. It’s available to order in either black or white, but the company said that it would be ordering fabric based on customer demand. Therefore if there aren’t enough orders for one color color, customers will have the option to ask for a full refund or switch their order to the more popular color.

The dress is “fully lined with a Nylon/Spandex high quality lining,” according to the company’s website, and alterations are available on request. In order to get the neck piece — one of the best parts about the dress — to remain standing, there is a “hook and eye at the back neck that connects to help keep the neck detail tight to the skin.”

On Twitter, the company confirmed that interest from people following EA’s press conference led to the decision to open up pre-orders to the public. Of course, it helped that Gavankar suggested to the designer that she allow people to get in on the Star Wars action.

The reaction to the dress has been overwhelmingly positive, with people asking how they could get their hands on it, too. Many also declared Gavankar and the dress the best part about E3’s press conference.

On Twitter, the designer confirmed that the first orders for dresses would be sent out in the coming weeks. There is currently no risk of the dress selling out, meaning there’s enough time to figure out how badly you want to add this particular outfit to your closet and get your order in.

E3 2017 begins on June 13, with press conferences starting June 10. For the big announcements, make sure to check out our one-stop shop for the show's streams.