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Xbox controllers get $40 charging stand

Available in six colors, seventh hits in July

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Xbox Pro Charging Stand

A new Xbox Pro Charging Stand just hit the Microsoft Store for $39.99.

The stand uses a magnetic contact system to lock your Xbox One controller in place so you can still use it for menu navigation and charging.

The stand includes a controller coordinated battery cover (it currently comes in six colors, with 15 available by June 20) to match your controller.

Xbox Pro Charging stands

The stand comes with a rechargeable 2.4-volt battery that charges in two hours and a 6-foot charging cable.

LEDs on the front of the charging stand flash three times when you plug it in and turns orange to show the controller is charging. Those LEDs turn green when it’s full charged.

Xbox Pro Charging Stands are now available in Abyss Black, Robot White, Oxide Red, Photon Blue, Zest Orange and Military Green. On July 14, Microsoft will be releasing a Recon Tech Xbox Pro Charging Stand color option.

Recon Tech Xbox Pro Charging stand

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