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Tyranny is getting a free update with New Game Plus today, DLC later this year

The Bastard’s Wound adds a whole new region to the game

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Obsidian is working on a new expansion for the isometric role-playing game Tyranny. Called Bastard’s Wound, it shares its name with the game’s new region. The base game receives a massive free update today, which adds changes to gameplay and combat as well as a New Game Plus mode.

Released in November 2016, Tyranny takes place in a world separate from Obsidian’s successful Pillars of Eternity series. In the game’s lore, players take on the role of a Fatebinder, the agent of Kyros the Overlord, an evil leader bent on world domination. The game was marked by its embrace of evil, and often asked players to choose between multiple dark options through its many non-combat encounters.

“The Bastard's Wound region is all new to Tyranny, with a host of new quests, and new people to kill, betray, or befriend,” Obsidian told Polygon. “With this new expansion, we delve deeper into the mysteries of Terratus as players bring Kyros' justice (or their own version of it) to a new corner of the Tiers. In addition to the new region, Bastard's Wound gives players a chance to learn more about their companions in a trio of quests tied to key members of their traveling group.”

The DLC will include new story content, as well as new companion quests. Players will get the chance to interact more with Verse, Barik, and Lantry. The game will center around a refugee settlement, where a variety of people have fled the wrath of Kyros, and are eking out a living in secret, hidden from the world. Players will be tasked with determining their fate.

The Bastard’s Wound is expected later in 2017. In advance of the expansion, Obsidian is also releasing a new “Event Pack” called Tales from the Tiers. It will include a host of new events for players to encounter in the game’s overworld, “encounters and stories that can pop up when the player is traveling from place to place. These events include meeting rebels, hostile ambushes, itinerant merchants, and the perils of travel in a land ensorcelled by Edicts.”

A free update for the base game will also accompany Tales from the Tiers. It will focus on systemic improvements, “including a revised skill training system, numerous combat balance tweaks, and the ability to retrain and respec your Fatebinder and companions.”

The update will also include a New Game Plus option, which Obsidian said will allow players to begin the game over with all the stats, wealth, spells and other advantages they gained the first time around.

Both Tales from the Tiers and the free update are available today.

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