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Mario Kart is officially coming to VR

But you probably won’t get a chance to play it

Bandai Namco is opening a VR arcade in Shinjuku Tokyo on Friday, July 14. The facilities will include over 15 activities, but the biggest news is an official virtual reality version of 2005’s arcade game Mario Kart GP.

This is pretty big news, but without a home release or international installations the audience for the game is going to be pretty limited when it’s launched.

The game is also using some interesting equipment based on the video: players are steering using a standard racing wheel while reaching into the environment and throwing weapons like shells using Vive Trackers that are strapped to the back of their hands. The standard HTC Vive system uses wand controllers.

The centers will also include VR content based on the worlds of Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion and Dragon Ball.

You can watch the whole video at the top of this post but, while it would be great if this game saw a wider release, we’re not that hopeful we’ll ever see a version out of installation-based VR experiences.

This wasn’t developed by Nintendo, but it’s still pretty cool to see an already enjoyable arcade game make the jump to virtual reality.

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