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Crackdown 3 plays much better than it looks

Bouncing back from a bad first impression

I’ve been looking forward to Crackdown 3 since its announcement, but I was a little worried about the game when it was showcased during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference. Crackdown 3 doesn’t look great, and isn’t the most obvious choice to help sell the horrifying, unyielding power of the Xbox One X. Fortunately, myself and Nick got to play the game at a Microsoft event, and some — though not all — of my fears were assuaged.

You can hear some of our thoughts about the 10-minute demo we got to play in the impressions video posted above. Crackdown 3 launches on Xbox One and Windows PCs November 7. You can also check out the trailer that debuted during Microsoft’s press conference below, but be warned: It opens with Terry Crews delivering a pretty powerful pump-up speech. If you’re not somewhere where you feel safe being flooded with unfiltered Crews-power, you may want to wait on that.

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