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Guardians of the Galaxy director trolls a trolling fan pretending to be Marvel boss

This is pretty good

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Out of all the directors who have contributed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s James Gunn might be the most engaging and playful when it comes to fans.

Last night, Gunn spoke about an exchange he had with one fan in particular who tried to troll the director by pretending to be Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige on Instagram. The imposter in question slid into Gunn’s DMs just to let the director know that he’s started a new Instagram. It quickly grew into a much more elaborate prank from there, with Gunn taking control of the conversation and responding with outlandish proclamations about the fate of Groot.

Gunn uploaded seven different screenshots to his Facebook account last night showcasing the entire conversation in question. It goes from bizarre to even more bizarre, ending on a note about Gilbert Gottfried, as all conversations that take place over direct messages in Instagram tend to do.

The back-and-forth exchange can be seen in its entirety below.

One of the more concerning aspects of this entire debacle is the lack of privacy on Gunn’s Instagram account. It’s great that the director makes it open to fans who want the inside scoop on Guardians of the Galaxy — and other films he may be working on — news, but it might be time to ensure that direct messages are a little more secure.

Of course, there’s always a chance that these photos have been doctored in some way by Gunn, but considering how open he is about most things — this is a man who has held multiple hour-long Facebook Live Q&A sessions — it seems pretty safe to take it at face value.

Gunn, who’s coming off a successful release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, will return to direct the third one. There’s no word on when that will start production or how many of the Guardians will be returning.

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