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Watch Symmetra arm-wrestle Thor for Sombra’s affection — in real life

That’s one royal booping

Thor may be the god of thunder, but he seems to be no match for two of Overwatch’s most beloved women, Symmetra and Sombra.

The Supanova Expo in Sydney over the weekend was the site of an arm wrestling match that brought together the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the international task force known as Overwatch. Anjali Bhimani, the actress who voices Overwatch architech Symmetra, challenged Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, to the feat of strength; the winner would be the recipient of a “royal booping” from Carolina Ravassa, who lends her voice to Overwatch’s Mexican hacker, Sombra.

For the uninitiated, Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment introduced Sombra to the world with a menacing “boop” — a tap on the nose — at BlizzCon 2016:

Hemsworth accepted Bhimani’s challenge, and swept the best-of-three bout. However, she later said on Twitter that she let him win so Ravassa could get to boop him. Considering how many times Symmetra’s turrets have led to our deaths, we’re not about to doubt her.

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