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Overwatch as a turn-based RPG is surprisingly tense

Mercy saves the day

Overwatch is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter — but what if it were a turn-based affair in the style of old-school Japanese role-playing games like the 16-bit Final Fantasy titles?

We now know the answer to that question, courtesy of the YouTube channel The Salt Factory. This six-minute video sends a fearsome foursome — McCree (level 21 Sharpshooter), Reinhardt (level 22 Warrior), Mercy (level 22 White Mage) and Bastion (level 20 Robot) — to Route 66, where the cowboy with the “BAMF” belt buckle runs into a random battle with Roadhog.

Reimagining Overwatch as a game with an Active Time Battle system isn’t the wackiest thing one could do. The characters have to wait for a set amount of time between moves, which is analogous to the way Overwatch handles cooldowns. And the synergy between teammates, like Mercy buffing her comrades, works just as well in the context of party members functioning as a team.

Having said all that, we play Roadhog a lot, and we’re pretty sure that a Bastion in turret form would make quick work of the “one-man apocalypse.”

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