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Pokémon Go update brings more than just gyms and co-op

Got a ton of Pokémon? Now you can find the ones you want

Pokémon Go loading screen Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go’s big gym revamp is rolling out to both iOS and Android now, and the patch notes show that there’s more to this update than multiplayer. Along with the changes to how gyms work and the new cooperative Raid Battle feature are two much tinier additions that are nonetheless super useful.

The update’s patch notes point out that players can now search through their Pokémon collections in order to find different monsters more quickly. It works by nickname, species, Pokédex number and even type, meaning players can filter through just how many, say, fire-type Pokémon they have on hand for a Raid Battle against a Venusaur.

For anyone with a ton of Pokémon, this is long overdue. Those of us who still have a lot of catching to do will appreciate the other small thing in this update: a “visual indicator to unvisited PokéStops.”

There kind of is a system like that already. PokéStops that haven’t been hit up for items yet are marked by a blue floating Poké Ball, turning purple after their photo discs are swiped. They fade back to blue over time as they reset. This feature is more specifically tied to PokéStops a player has never visited before in the game, though, so it’s a cool thing for avid adventurers.

Keep checking the App Store and Google Play Store to see if the update is live for you. Prep for the rest of Pokémon Go’s set of changes with our impressions of Raid Battles and the new gym mechanics, straight from E3 2017.

Correction: Please don’t use any fire-type Pokémon against a Blastoise, people. But they’d do you some good against Venusaur; we’ve added that advice above.

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