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I can’t get enough of Nintendo Switch-loving celebrities

They’re just like us!

Ben Folds Nintendo Switch
Ben Folds: Singer. Songwriter. Switch owner.
Ben Folds/Instagram

For many, celebrity gossip is poison. For me, it’s a narcotic — the definition of a guilty pleasure. I instinctively grab trashy rags at doctor’s offices. I watch Hollywood “news” shows mindlessly at the gym. I camp out in front of the TV for hours to catch every ounce of red carpet coverage.

But here’s a major misconception about obsessing over the lives of the rich and famous: Not all celeb buzz is a brain-zapping hum. There’s a class of it that’s endearing even to you, reader, who is judging me so, so harshly right now. That would be the video game cameo, a category that involves a console we recognize from our own living rooms showing up in a celebrity’s hands, or Instagram post, or Twitter feed.

There’s something so endearing to me about these kinds of posts, even if they’re super innocuous. This picture from Chance the Rapper’s Instagram story yesterday is a perfect example: It’s just a Switch box and a copy of Arms! What’s special about that?

chance the rapper instagram post
A still from Chance’s June 20 Instagram story.
Chance the Rapper/Instagram

And yet: The implication here is that, for as big of a deal as the Grammy-winning rapper is, he still chases down a free moment to play the new Nintendo game. It’s relatable content at its finest.

The Switch makes for a perfect companion to the Hollywood elite, something that other stargazers have picked up on. There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to cataloguing the console’s appearance in the media streams of names as disparate as Ariana Grande, John Cena and the entire Australian national soccer team.

Famous folks have been showing off their love for the Switch since its release in March. The Switchset subreddit has only been open for the last month, however, but its moderator is already making it the best showcase for how diverse the console’s fanbase is.

“Switch gets the best unofficial endorsements because there is no extra setup required,” the forum’s description reads, borrowing the tone of Nintendo’s official marketing. “It is the most convenient portable gaming system of all time. You can literally take this thing anywhere.”

That’s what makes this console so attractive to people who live their lives on the road, like musicians and actors and the like. But Switchset actually isn’t just devoted to paparazzi shots and Twitter pics; its moderator wants anyone to submit their best Switch-on-the-go shots.

Before imploring fans to help grow this gallery of Switch photos, the moderator reminds them that “Nintendo has us covered. Switch has our back.” If I learned anything from my girl Karen back in October, it’s that this is definitely true. I’ll be keeping an eye on my new favorite subreddit, now that it’s validated my most embarrassing of passions.

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