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Han Solo director rumors spawn the most obvious meme

Disney: “Ron Howard’s gonna direct.” Ron Howard: “He wasn’t.”

Ron Howard in Arrested Development Netflix

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are out as directors on the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars spinoff, and reports of a replacement are already cropping up. But with rumors that Oscar-winning, pleasant-voiced director Ron Howard is taking over for them still unconfirmed, Twitter is biding their time by making them into a meme.

Deadline first reported that Howard was heir apparent to the Han Solo project last night, just hours after Lucasfilm announced that it had dropped Lord and Miller over “creative differences.” Sourcing is light on the Howard rumors, though, with Deadline noting that screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is also among the names being thrown around.

Instead of putting much faith into the Howard rumor, Twitter’s instead seizing on the chance to make a new goof. To a certain generation, Howard is known more for his work on cult classic TV comedy Arrested Development than his filmography. The director played the part of the sitcom’s narrator through all four of its seasons, his snarky, contradictory tone establishing him as a character in his own right.

The “Ron Howard narrator voice” is already an easy joke construction, but this Star Wars spinoff debacle is probably its best fit ever.

It helps that Arrested Development gave us this great line, tying Howard to Star Wars even more closely:

Like all memes, this one will either die or get old by the end of the day. Maybe Disney and Lucasfilm will speak out on the Ron Howard rumors before that happens. The untitled Han Solo film is set to hit theaters in May 2018, with the majority of filming reportedly already complete.

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