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Super Mario Bros. strangely works in first-person augmented reality

This HoloLens demo is ... weirdly good

The original Super Mario Bros. doesn’t seem like a great fit for a first-person remake. A demo for the HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, proves that might not be the case; Super Mario Bros. actually works pretty well from a different perspective.

Abhishek Singh created and recorded the AR experience, which is based on the first level of the game. It’s a little bit dizzying to watch him play through the demo; climbing up that flagpole at the very end of the level is an especially disorienting thing. For the most part, though, it’s a fascinating, bizarre recreation of a familiar experience.

It helps that Singh’s in the corner of the video with a picture-in-picture view of what he actually looks like playing the demo. He played while walking around Central Park in New York City, which is equal parts amazing and hilarious, especially when people walk by without taking a second look at the costumed guy with a headset on jumping around the park. (That’s New Yorkers, for ya.)

Compare the 3D, first-person demo to the original level from Super Mario Bros., which is below. It’s unlikely that an official Mario Bros. will ever make it onto HoloLens, as its tech is owned by Microsoft, but this joins Pokémon Go as a well-suited match for the headset.

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