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Europe gets a way superior Metroid: Samus Returns special edition

Curse you, region-locking

metroid: samus returns Mercury Steam/Nintendo

Metroid fans have every reason to feel spurned by Nintendo time and again over the past half-decade, but the company’s treating Metroid: Samus Returns like a big deal. Two separate versions of a limited edition set will launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS game this September ... but to pick up the superior of the two, you’ll have to be in Europe.

Comparing the sets hammers in how much this stinks for Metroid fans in North America, Japan or anywhere else. It’s honestly not even a comparison — take a look at the special version of Metroid: Samus Returns coming to Europe:

metroid: samus returns special edition Nintendo of Europe

There’s a steelbook styled after the original Metroid 2 cartridge, a free download code for that Game Boy game, a keychain, an artbook, a pin ... it’s got all the goods for Metroid lovers.

And then this is what the rest of the world gets:

metroid: samus returns special edition Nintendo of America

The rest of the world gets a soundtrack for the game. That’s it.

We looked into whether Europe is especially big on Metroid 2: Return of Samus, the 3DS game’s biggest influence; no dice. Metroid’s never been huge anywhere, but the series’ biggest success has always been in the U.S. If we’re a little bit salty to be missing out on this huge bundle — and that swanky Game Boy-styled steelbook! — please understand that’s why.

At least fans worldwide are getting a new adventure starring Samus Aran to play, fancy special edition or not. We’re also all getting that squishy Metroid amiibo, so there’s always that, too. Samus Returns in Samus Returns on Sept. 15.

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