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This Pokémon marriage form almost makes me wanna get hitched

Sadly, it’s not legal to marry Pokémon

I like living the bachelorette life. I’ve got no one to answer to, no one to worry about, no one to tie me down — being single is pretty clutch. But a Pokémon marriage registration form is making me seriously reconsider my choices, because it’s really, really precious.

Japanese wedding magazine Zexy will include the pink, Pikachu-covered legal document in its August issue, now available on local newsstands. The Japanese Pokémon website refers to this marriage form as “very cute,” which is probably an understatement. Aside from all that jargon and those boxes to legalize someone’s matrimony, there’s a married Pikachu couple in the corner.

pikachu wedding couple The Pokémon Company

I’ve always appreciated Pikachu’s adorable optimism, but the Pokémon’s never been more endearing than on its wedding day. That classic “I choose you!” logo lingering over the happy pair? If that’s what marriage looks like, then sign me up.

At least sign me up for a Zexy subscription so that I can get take part in the other nifty Pokémon campaign the magazine is running. Anyone who can translate what Pikachu is saying in the trailer for the Pokémon marriage form will win a personalized Pikachu welcome sign for their own wedding.

pikachu wedding sign
This just makes me wanna go to a Pikachu’s wedding.
The Pokémon Company

Note that Pikachu is just saying its name over and over, making this kind of a crapshoot. I’d like to imagine the little guy is telling me to give into the allure of wedding season and find someone to share this welcome sign with me. But I dunno, Pikachu ... if only it were legal to marry Pokémon, then this would be a lot easier.

None of this really matters to me much, anyway, because these marriage forms are only good in Japan. Still: It’s something to think about.

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