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Celebrate Sonic’s 26th birthday with these rad sneakers

See Sega’s stylish Sonic slip-ons

sonic the hedgehog sneakers Anippon/Sega

Sonic the Hedgehog turns 26 today, an age accompanied with little fanfare. A Twitter account dedicated to his birthday does have a list of ways to help fans celebrate with Sonic, but these limited-edition sneakers seem like the coolest option.

Japan’s Anippon collaborated with the Sonic the Hedgehog brand to produce these swanky slip-ons, which are modeled after Sonic’s own iconic footwear. Unlike Sonic’s shoes, these have the speedster’s name printed on the heel, to ensure that everyone is well aware of the inspiration behind them.

sonic the hedgehog sneakers - back Anippon/Sega

The sneakers will set you back 7,020 yen with shipping, or about $63, and come in U.S. men’s sizes six through 10.5. They’re on sale starting today, which is kind of like Sonic giving us a present on his own birthday.

Sega’s got some other Sonic-branded swag on sale today, like pins and keychains. It’s those sneakers that are most enticing, though — have you ever seen Sonic run without them? It may not be too much of a stretch to say that they’re responsible for his high speed. I probably should buy a pair and expense them. Y’know ... for research.

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