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Get a look at the history of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with new museum exhibit

It’s pretty extraordinary

Asgardian trophy room
| Gallery of Modern Art

Those who live near Queensland, Australia will get the chance to check out Marvel’s newest museum exhibition, “Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe,” throughout the summer. For those of us who won’t get a chance to see it in person, however, the Queensland Art Gallery has provided Polygon with an in-depth look at what it has to offer.

The exhibit includes over 500 pieces and features several first run issues of popular Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and other comics. What Marvel fans may find most interesting is the exhibition’s inclusion of props from Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, like the Asgardian throne room and Hulk¹s bed. We’ve seen the Hulk’s bed previously through an image shared on Twitter, but the Asgardian throne room is new.

Collected below are props, costumes, concept art and more from the gallery. For those who want to visit — and can — it runs from now through September. More information, including ticket prices, can be seen on the gallery’s site.

Hulk’s bed in Thor: Ragnarok.
Gallery of Modern Art
Asgardian throne room from Thor: Ragnarok
Gallery of Modern Art
Statue of Thanos.
Gallery of Modern Art
Gallery of Modern Art

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