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Square Enix, er, salutes DRM in Denuvo testimonial

'Thanks to you, people have to buy the game'

2B facing off against a squad of enemy machines in Nier: Automata PlatinumGames/Square Enix
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Publishers generally keep their feelings about DRM mum, unless they saying they don't like it, in which case they'll tell you all about it. What they usually don't do is say something like Square Enix has in a testimonial on the official site for Denuvo, the DRM that's been giving crackers and hackers some trouble lately.

As noticed by Dark Side of Gaming, Square Enix had this to say. "Thanks to you for the incredible service your team provide – it’s great to partner with you! It’s thanks to you guys that people have to buy the game." That's kind of a .. spicy take! Two other game makers, id software and Crytek, also give Denuvo a thumbs-up but they're a little more modulated in their praise.

Square Enix has Denuvo in Nier: Automata. This internet petition: not big fans of that. It points out all the reasons people don't like Denuvo in their PC games. But Square Enix does, and that's that, I guess.

The makers of Rime recently challenged pirates to break Denuvo, at which point they'd remove it from the game. They got it done in about three days.

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