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PS4 Spider-Man analysis from someone who worked on 5 Spider-Man games

Be prepared to dive into the details

Chris Baker worked on five Spider-Man video games in his career as the manager of licensed games for Marvel from 2007 to 2014, so the guy knows a little bit about turning a huge franchise into a game. He also recently recorded some thoughts on the Spider-Man footage from Sony’s E3 conference this year, and the 14-minute video is ... well, it’s a pretty detail-obsessed look at the footage and what it might mean about the rest of the game.

Seeing someone with this much experience discuss someone else’s work in this much detail is pretty rare in this business, and it’s likely that Baker doesn’t know anything that we don’t outside of industry scuttlebutt. There are a lot of “let’s hopes” and “this could means” sprinkled around the video. He also points out a lot of tiny background details that might be easter eggs, while providing a bit more insight into the small callbacks from the comic book universe.

One of the more interesting bits of speculation is that you may be able to create your own Spider-Man suit using elements of past and existing suits, although we do already know that the game will feature different suits and that the white Spider-Man logo does have some significance in the game.

The fact that Mister Negative may not be the big bad of this game, and that his footage is just a head-fake so Insomniac and Marvel can surprise us with a different villain or even a collection of them, had never occurred to me but seems so obvious now. It’s neat to see a developer with such a history in the franchise geek out over the smaller details of the trailer, even though there aren’t that many new things pointed out here. Enjoy!

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