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SNES Classic coming this September, with a never-before-released game (update)

21 classic games on one box


The SNES Classic Edition is coming Sept. 29, Nintendo of America announced. The box will include 21 games on it for $79.99, giving it a smaller library than the discontinued NES Classic for $10 more — perhaps because there’s an extra controller in the box.

The system ships with two wired SNES Classic controllers, as well as an HDMI cable, USB charging cable and AC adapter. The two controllers are to make the Classic Edition’s multiplayer games playable right out of the box. (The NES Classic Edition’s special controllers retailed for $10 each, accounting for the price markup.)

Of the games included on the SNES Classic Edition — EarthBound, Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past among them — there’s one never-before-released title in the mix. Star Fox 2, which has been widely available as a ROM, never actually made it out onto the Super Nintendo. It was canceled before its official release.

That game won’t be available to play from the start, however. Players will have to unlock it through playing the original Star Fox game, also included with the SNES Classic Edition system.

snes classic edition
The SNES Classic Edition box.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, however; Nintendo notes on the system’s website that they’ll only have to play the first level of Star Fox.

The full list of games can be found in the image below:

SNES Classic games library Nintendo

The SNES Classic Edition replaces the NES Classic Edition, the smash hit that launched last fall. Nintendo stopped manufacturing the system this spring for reasons unknown; we speculated then that a possible SNES Classic Edition was among them.

Update: Nintendo promised that it would produce “significantly more” SNES Classic Edition system than NES Classic Edition units, which were notoriously hard to find. Shipments are expected through the end of 2017, although it’s unclear whether that means they’ll only be available through then.