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The best things about the Super NES Classic Edition

We’re very excited

snes classic edition nintendo

The Super NES Classic Edition is real, and it’s spectacular. The only thing greater than our fear about being able to find one of the damned things when the hardware is released is our joy about how much of this product Nintendo seems to have gotten right, especially when compared to the NES Classic Edition.

There is a lot of good news here, so let’s dig in.

You get two controllers out of the box

The NES Classic Edition gave you one controller, if you could find a system at all, and second controllers were nearly as hard to find. While third-party solutions helped a bit, the situation was a pain in the butt.

snes classic edition Nintendo

This time Nintendo is packing two controllers into every package, so there’s no reason to worry about playing with a friend or family member. If you have a Super NES Classic Edition, you have two controllers. The $79.99 price is a bit higher than the NES Classic, but it’s a good trade-off when you get more hardware out of the box.

Star Fox 2!

Star Fox 2 has never been officially released, but it’s included in the 21 games that come with this hardware. You’ll have to beat the first level of the original Star Fox to unlock it, but that’s not exactly a tricky thing to do. Nintendo even noted that it didn’t want to make the unlocking process too difficult, although it’s unclear why one exists in the first place.

Still, this is an official release of a game most of us have given up on playing in any capacity, much less a version of the game that has been blessed by Nintendo. This is big news in a number of ways, and will make the hardware even more of a fetish object than it already was.

The European version gets the correct, better hardware

Those bastards. We suppose you could just collect them all.

The included list of games is pretty good

The inclusion of Star Fox 2 puts it over the top, but the list of games you get with the system was already pretty great. The cost of collecting classic cartridges has gone up in the past few years, meaning that trying to buy these 21 games separately would cost much more than $79.99.

The list of games seems designed to make you salivate with desire, including obvious hits and some of the rarer stuff that’s going for a lot of cash on the secondary market.

SNES Classic games library Nintendo

This is a pretty great day for Nintendo fans.

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