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The European SNES Classic Edition is super cute

A reminder that some systems look way different elsewhere

nintendo classic mini: super nintendo entertainment system Nintendo of Europe

The Super Nintendo Classic Edition is heading to Europe on Sept. 29 too, and it’s virtually identical to the North American one. Well, except for one big difference: The system looks much different.

The Super Nintendo that launched in Europe and Japan looks a lot different from the North American edition, so that explains why their miniature sets don’t look the same. We’re not hating on the mini-SNES we’re getting stateside, of course — it’s charming in its own way. But look at how simple and stylish the system Europe’s getting is:

snes classic europe Nintendo of Europe

Just as the Family Computer, or Famicom, was redesigned for Western markets to become the Nintendo Entertainment System, so too was the Super Famicom. But the strange thing with the NES’ little brother is that only those in North America got the redesign. Nintendo kept the much sleeker Super Famicom casing for all other regions.

snes classic edition
The North American SNES Classic Edition, for comparison.

The other difference between the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as it’s known in Europe, is that it won’t ship with the AC adapter required to power the console. The North American SNES might be uglier, but at least it comes with the AC adapter right in the box.

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