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Super Mario Odyssey's Cappy doesn't work as well in real life

This is what happened when we tested Super Mario Odyssey’s Cappy in lower Manhattan

I spent this year’s E3 back home in New York, covering all of the press conferences as they streamed across the world. It was a relatively tame year with not a ton of surprises, but one moment that stood out was the latest gameplay trailer of Super Mario Odyssey.

The trailer showed off the core mechanic of the game: Mario can toss his hat at things and possess them. With this power he is able to command sign posts, koopas and giant Bullet Bills.

While this cool twist made me eager for the game’s release, it wasn’t the highlight of the trailer. That honor went to the game’s theme song. A jazzy riff entitled, “Jump Up, Super Star,” it’s sung by Pauline, Mario’s original girlfriend from the first Donkey Kong game.

Given the setting of New Donk City and my proximity to the actual New York City, an idea started to form. And that idea blossomed into the video seen above. Special props to Ryan Simmons for filming and Clayton Ashley for bringing Cappy to life.

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