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Watch Obama and Trump go one-on-one in NBA 2K17

Trump’s free-throw percentage is worse than his approval rating

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Those who covered their eyes at the sight of Donald Trump playing tennis may fare no better watching him try to throw it down on a basketball court, especially if he’s going one-on-one with President Obama in NBA 2K17 where, unlike Trump, Obama has also hosted NBA teams at the White House.

This is the latest hypothetical matchup from Shady, the YouTuber and prolific creator of NBA 2K videos, some serious and some others not so.

Though Obama throws down, functionally he's merely a foil in the derpification of Trump — summarized neatly by Trump's reaction in transition at 0:44. A little post-production was necessary to knock the Donald's hairpiece off at 0:55, but did you notice the Knicks were wearing their Latin Nights jerseys when Derrick Rose slips on it?

Trump gets kicked in the head and knocked to the ground on a savage jam at 1:53, but what might be the best burn of this video is the free throw sequence beginning at 1:15. I'll let you savor that by yourself. The music is Alphacat's 2015 spoof of Drake's "Back-to-Back," the diss track Drake used to dunk all over Meek Mill that year.

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