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Five Mario games, 982 stars and 25 hours: A new speedrunning world record

From Super Mario 64 to Super Mario 3D World

Over the weekend, speedrunner Vallu111 bested his own world record in one of the toughest speedrunning categories, which involves collecting every single star across five modern Super Mario games.

Vallu111’s run one-upped an established speedrunning challenge — getting all 602 stars in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 — by adding Super Mario 3D World to the list. That Wii U game adds another 380 stars to collect.

Each of the first four games are popular speedrunning titles on their own, but Super Mario 3D World’s huge star count means it’s usually left out of the multi-game marathon. Just a small handful of others have tried, with no other runners even named on the category’s page.

But Vallu111 was up for the challenge, egged on by viewers who donated 500 Euros to keep him going after hitting the first goal of 602 stars around 21 hours into his stream. He soldiered on with Super Mario 3D World, managing to beat that game to completion in just another four and a half hours.

The whole speedrun lasts 25 hours, 33 minutes. If you’ve got more than a day free to watch it at once, you’ll get a sense of just how physically exhausting this kind of experience is. Take into account that he did the same 982-star run last year, which then took him nearly 27 hours — both of which prove that Vallu111 is among the best of the best.

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