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Limbo and Inside are heading to retail in one pack

Lots and lots of black and white

Limbo hanging screenshot 1920 Playdead

A special edition combo pack containing both Limbo and Inside, two of the the best received platformers of the last decade, is coming to retail this fall.

With help from publisher 505 Games, Playdead will re-release the games in a physical set for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 12. It’s the first time that Inside will be available on disc — Limbo was on an Xbox 360 indie triple-pack back in 2011 — although the set will cost the same as similar double packs on digital storefronts.

For $29.99, buyers will get both games as well as a special “limited run” poster and art card. 505 Games hasn’t said just how limited that poster’s run will be, but considering both Limbo and Inside’s aesthetics are among their most acclaimed features, it may be worth an early purchase.

Limbo, Playdead’s first game, launched on Xbox 360 back in 2010. Inside followed six years later, winning several Game of the Year accolades in 2016 — including one from Polygon.

Take a look at the cover art for the double pack below, which is sure to highlight just how critically acclaimed both of these puzzle game classics are.

Inside and Limbo double pack cover art Playdead/505 Games

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