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Of course SNES Classic Edition is going for way more than retail price on eBay already

If you’re waiting on that American pre-order, I guess this is an option

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holding SNES Classic Edition in hand Nintendo

We’re still keeping an eye out for how we can buy the Super Nintendo Classic Edition stateside, but there is one option for the most desperate of us. Ever since pre-orders opened in Europe, eBay auctioneers have listed the system for exorbitant prices — often more than twice the retail cost.

The British eBay outpost has several SNES Classic Editions (or SNES Nintendo Classic Mini, as its known over there) listed, with prices set anywhere from 100 to 200 British pounds. From a brick-and-mortar retailer, the system costs £80, so that’s a big leap for the little console.

It’s no surprise to see the SNES Classic offered at higher prices from third-party sellers. We saw the same thing with the NES Classic Edition when it launched last November, thanks to its limited stock. But the SNES Classic Edition is different in two main ways: It’s not out yet, and Nintendo promised to produce more of them than its regularly unavailable predecessor.

The mini SNES is already out of stock from the various European retailers that had it up for pre-order, however. The other bonus here is for stateside buyers who prefer the overseas version of the console; it’s got a different look than the one we’re getting stateside. Some would say it’s a better look:

snes classic europe
Nintendo of Europe

We wouldn’t advocate for dropping 200 British pounds — nearly $260 — on the SNES Classic Edition just yet. But we may be singing a different tune, depending on how constrained stock is over here when it launches Sept. 29.

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