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Rick and Morty are taking over Rocket League, Gang Beasts and more

One million games, Rick and Morty

rick and morty rocket league Psyonix/Adult Swim Games

It’s a big week for Rick and Morty, the Adult Swim cartoon that’s heading into its third season. A livestream tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET promises new details about the upcoming season, but fans can also look forward to other new Rick and Morty content in several of their favorite games.

Rocket League is the biggest name on the list by far. Free car antennas based on Rick, Morty, the floating head Cromulon, task-driven Mr. Meeseeks and everyone’s favorite, Mr. Poopy Butthole, will be available starting July 5, along with a special rocket boost and some wheels inspired by the show’s intergalactic portal. Players can get them through loot drops.

Move or Die and Gang Beasts, two cult favorite multiplayer games, will feature cameos from the Rick and Morty cast in the form of free skins. The Move or Die skins are available now, while the Gang Beasts ones are undated.

Steam VR Home is the last place for fans to get a free dose of Rick and Morty, with a Mr. Meseeks character available to add to your virtual living room.

The summer’s shaping up to be a big one for Rick and Morty, even without a third season premiere date announced. We may not know when to see new episodes — although tomorrow should bring good news — but at least we have a few other places to see them.

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