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Carry your miniatures in style with a handmade, customizable case

Dog Might’s Skirmish Box is for discerning Dungeon Masters on the go

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Charlie Hall/Polygon

Last year we were introduced to the woodworkers at Dog Might with the Dragon Sheath, a novel way to carry around dice and other essentials for your favorite tabletop role-playing game. Now they’re back with a new product, the slightly larger Skirmish Box, and it’s just the thing for carrying your miniatures into battle.

Not long ago I brought together a bunch of friends to run the newest iteration of the classic Tomb of Horrors module for Dungeons & Dragons. I went the whole nine yards, making a custom handout and digging deep into my collection of vintage miniatures. To get them where I needed to go I resorted to my old, faithful method of smashing everything into a Fallout lunchbox. You know, the one that came with Fallout 3 back in the day.

Now, thanks to the Skirmish Box, I can put that collectible back on the shelf where it belongs.

The Skirmish Box has an interior height of three inches, and can be customized with one of six interior layouts. This one is called the “Triple” and fits a dozen pencils and four full sets of polyhedrals plus a bunch of minis.
Charlie Hall/Polygon

The Skirmish Box isn’t cheap. Models start at $159.99. They’re also not readily available. Lead times right now are about five to six months. But after a few weeks toting mine around I’m really impressed.

What makes the Skirmish Box unique is that the inside has a metal plate glued in. That means that by gluing magnets to the bottom of your minis you suddenly have a super secure way to carry them around from place to place. I was able to fit all of the monsters I needed to run Tomb of Horrors in there no problem, along with a dozen pencils and four full sets of polyhedral dice. It’s even roomy enough for a full squadron of smaller Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game models fully assembled, or larger ships removed from their bases.

Shown here next to the dice is one of the larger magnets that Dog Might sells. They’re intended for metal miniatures or larger plastic or resin minis. Feel free to glue down the smaller ones for single, 28 mm figures.
Charlie Hall/Polygon

Also, both the top and bottom are felt-lined, giving you a couple of options for dice trays once you get to where you’re going. I actually prefer rolling inside a Skirmish Box to Dog Might’s own dice trays, which are simply too shallow for my taste. It even functions as a card holder, mimicking some of the features of their new Component Collector, which is currently on Kickstarter.

A close up of the millwork on the lid of a prototype Skirmish Box. Each is made from hand selected hardwood sections and built to order. Dog Might tells us that the interiors will be much cleaner on production models.
Charlie Hall/Polygon

Per usual, Dog Might also has plenty of designs to choose from including several licensed from Wyrd Games’ Malifaux. There are also premium options for the finish and for the box’s lining.

While I’m not sure I would personally pay much more than the base price for one of these, I can’t think of a better gift for the game master in your life on International GM’s Day or as the grand prize in the next round of tournaments at your friendly local game store.

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