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Hero makes motion-sensing baguette controller for Overwatch’s Widowmaker

Become Breadowmaker


Using a breadboard and an actual loaf of French bread, game developer and Overwatch superfan Dylan Beck has created the ultimate weapon — an artisanally crafted, non-GMO, fully-leavened sniper rifle.

Those unfamiliar with the chewy yet crispy lore baked into the Overwatch universe know that the multiplayer shooter’s foremost long-range damage-dealer is named Widowmaker. She is tall, fond of thermal optics and quite French. What better way to give tribute than with a bespoke motion-sensing controller crafted entirely out of a baguette.

In the clip above you can see Beck at his battle station putting the carbohydrate rich peripheral through its paces. There’s some kind of optical ... thing perched on an arm over his desk and a telltale white breadboard plugged into the dorsal surface of the loaf. Along the left rail he’s added a directional pad and further back a kind of trigger.

He’s promised that in 12 hours he’ll put the weapon to the test live on his Twitch stream. From experience, I know that his new toy will only be more rugged as its glutinous guts whither away forming the French perfect weapon.

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